What We Do

We Love. We Give. We Connect.

Our Impact

Angela’s Angels believes that compassion combined with technology can provide a positive role in the recovery of pediatric patients.

With access to electronic devices, kids confined to their hospital room have the opportunity to relieve stress by playing games, keeping up in school and connecting with friends and loved ones who are unable to visit often. To put it simply, once an iPad is placed in their hands they get to feel like a kid again instead of a patient.

How it Works

Angela’s Angels provides pediatric patients with their own personal electronic devices (iPad, tablet, etc) as a gift that is theirs (as opposed to the hospitals’) to keep.

How to Donate

Angela’s Angels accepts donations from PayPal and all major credit cards. Please visit AngelasAngels.com for additional information.

Get Involved

Want to earn your wings? Angela’s Angels is looking for volunteers everywhere to help raise funds.